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Murals of Enchantment

Lynn Segerblom (Assistant): (US) 310-993-9005
(US) 310-429-1272

Paul Dilworth:

(UK) +44 (0)130-526-4650
(UK) +44 (0)781-619-9791 (cell)





Murals of Enchantment is primarily located in London, England but also has a base in Los Angeles, California. 

At Murals of Enchantment we create original murals, both on internal and external walls, that will add ambience and charisma to your home or place of business.

The murals can include real people (friends or family) in settings limited only by your own imagination. The mural may transport you to a land of enchantment, a fairy tale or to some exotic or classical landscape. Murals of Enchantment will allow you to place your subject in a style from many different cultures or period in the history of art. 

Our artists are comfortable with a wide range of styles and artistic techniques which allows Murals of Enchantment to offer features such as trompe l'oeil statues painted into imaginary alcoves in your wall. 

Our fees are very reasonable but will vary based upon the the size and complexity of the image. If you are interested in a mural at the location of your choice or would like to learn more about Murals of Enchantment, send us a note

Paul Dilworth 

Paul Dilworth

Murals of Enchantment is based upon the artistic talents of Paul Dilworth. 

Paul was educated at the Leeds Metropolitan University, England, and has worked extensively as an artist for major animation studios. Space Jam from Warner Bros. was one of Paul's involvements. 
Paul particularly enjoys painting murals. He likes the whole process: from working on the initial concept through to the finished mural.

Paul's email: paulbdilworth@hotmail.com


Lynn Segerblom

Lynn has assisted Paul on many of the murals in Los Angeles and has brought many artistic talents to the proceedings. In particular, she likes to work on the fine detail areas of the artwork and has a great eye for adding those finishing touches.

Lynn is also an articulate spokesperson for Murals of Enchantment and is usually heavily involved in customer liaison and sales support.

In addition to her involvement with Murals, Lynn is also a talented actress with many on-stage and on-screen credits to her name.

Lynn's email: bloominveronica@gmail.com


Michael Russell

Mike was educated at London University, England. He is a software engineer by trade and has been developing products for consumers and businesses in the Los Angeles area for over two decades.

Michael is involved in Murals of Enchantment in a business administration and technical consulting role. He is currently exploring the latest digital technology in an effort to provide additional dimension and value to the hand painted mural process.

Michael's email: mrussell@muralsofenchantment.com

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